Stick to the Plan!

5:16 PM

I have this habit of creating a list of my plans, mapping out my life, then trashing it once I'm done. Like yesterday was supposed to be a busy day according to my book. I scheduled several appointments with my old friends. Since, Ria left, it's getting kinda lonely. So I figured I should try to get in touch with my college and high school friends.

I first met with Bikey at his new apartment. Surprisingly, it's only about 15 minutes away from our house. He still works in the same company. We met three or four years ago. He is now a managing consultant. We talked a lot about the industry, he gave me a few tips and how they do things their way. It's nice to get somebody else's perspective. Since my boss left, I haven't had someone who could teach me the tricks of the trade, and how I can improve myself as a leader. It's nice that Bikey shared a few insights.

My next stop was Friday's in Robinsons Galleria. I met with the couple from Japan, Beryl and Chris. They just arrived two days ago. I was glad that Mherian was able to join us. Sadly, Diana is STILL not in the photo because she didn't come. I wonder what happened to that girl. Anyway, Beryl's two sisters Amity and Diane joined us too.

When you think of Friday's, you have to think big--because their servings are HUGE.

We were wondering why the nachos hasn't arrived yet. When it did, it was good for five to seven people.

I had Chicken Alfredo, which was really good, and fortunately, was available in a normal person's size.

Mherian lost weight. They both agreed that I gained a lot of weight. They were very polite in saying, 'No you just got bigger'.

In fairview, I did. HAHA! Beryl did gain too but she still looks gorgeous. Diana, is AGAIN not in the photo.

ATE! Why did you have to give me your F*CKING WEDDING CAKE! I have to stop... HELP!

Meanwhile, I am still trying to figure out how to install my CS3 on my laptop. Can someone please explain to me how this whole 'crack' technology works?

Day 6 at Instituto was great. There was a party and I finally saw a bunch of Espanoles. I learned yesterday that upon completion of the 24 levels in Spanish, you can opt to take the DELE which is like IELTS or TOEFL. If you pass it, the Embassy of Spain might offer you a scholarship so you can study in Spain! Que Guay! So all the profesores al Instituto Cervantes have been to Spain. Now I have a new goal.

There were a lot of job postings there. Spanish-speaking lawyer. Spanish-speaking call center agents. Spanish-speaking documents specialist. Translator. I realized that if I take this seriously, I might be able to shift careers.

I was kinda irritated with this girl in class who is so much of an ambisosyang palaka! She's not pretty but she acts as if she's Paris Hilton. Ugh. Armar, my classmate was even irritated that he stopped talking to her. Hell she can't even answer the superfacil actividades without Armar's help.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet the Booboostriders Aissa and Anthony after class. Unfortunately, I was so tired so I rainchecked. I texted them and as I suspected, Anthony said he was supposed to cancel as well. Haha!

Then, I was supposed to meet Beryl et al at Metrowalk so we can go partying. While preparing, my mom knocked on my door and asked if we could bring my lola to church tomorrow in a wheelchair. My lola is now in her 90's. She's weakened so much for the past few days. I'm sad because I can't imagine life without my lola. But I also have to face the fact that she's been here so long maybe someone's already looking for her up there. I know I don't believe in afterlife but she does. Hay, I just hope that if she goes, it'll happen in a very peaceful manner. I don't want her to suffer.

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