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I AM SUCH A MOVIE FREAK! Yesterday, I was supposed to return the DVD I borrowed at Instituto's biblioteca. Unfortunately for me, I forgot that it was a Saturday--the library was closed! And since I didn't want to burn some calories while sitting and surfing the net, I decided to take a little trip to the Triangle of North Manila, also known as TriNoMa.

What do I think of Trinoma? Ugly name but...

The garden upstairs was really breathtaking.
It's really like bringing Greenbelt to the densely populated, heavily polluted City of Stars.
I watched Evan Almighty and later I regretted doing so because it was just SOOOOOO bad. Boohoo Steve Carrell! No jokes?! Come on. He was trying too hard to make it funny.
So I went to Timezone to entertain myself. I found this uber cute machine! It works just like the other machine where you put a coin to push the other coins so you can win toys. This one however lets you win chocolates.
I also paid Mrs Fields Cookie Cafe a visit and devoured some of these.
I was surprised that Trinoma has big cinemas. I mean much bigger than Glorietta and Greenbelt. They're bringing the big ones back.

Anyway, today is the company's 2nd anniversary partee. I'm just too tired to go because I went to Gateway earlier. (UPDATE: I went din. Okay lang. The venue isn't bad at all. The prizes were.. uhm... quite... surprising though.)

I saw on the paper that Waitress is exclusively being shown at Gateway so I went there c/o Kervin who gave me a free ride.
The movie got rave reviews in the US so I was curious. Plus it reminded me of the 90's again. Keri Russell was really popular back then thanks to her hit show Felicity.
I noticed that Cinemanila movies were also being shown so I watched 2 Days in Paris.
It was written and directed by my gal Julie Delpy who starred and co-wrote my most favoritest movie Before Sunset. The movie was about a hilarious couple who spend two days in Paris after their European Trip. Adam Goldberg discovers that Julie dated a lot of guys in Paris and becomes jealous of them.

Hay ayan. La na pera. Buti na lang sweldo na ulit this week. Poof! More movies on Payday!!!! Woohooo!!!

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