Ulterior Motive and not a business move

5:24 PM

Kervin was right to say that since BFL is out, we have nothing to talk about anymore. I don't know how it happened but we suddenly talked about some science shit while waiting for his PC to reboot. He said he once read in a local newspaper (might be a tabloid though) that the real reason why call centers were brought to the Philippines and India is not just because of bigger profit and cutting on expenditures, he said that long exposure to the computer and fiber-optic material can be harmful to one's health. He said a doctor confirmed this to him.

He said the same thing happened to a relative who died of brain cancer (who later also had bone marrow cancer). She was a Chief Pilot and had the same exposure to electronic materials as the call center employees.

SCARY SHIT. I hope someone can confirm this here. Feel free to post a comment.

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