STUFFED and ready to Barf

5:21 PM

Thanks to Technorati, some of the winners of the BoobooStrider Blog Awards were able to find out about their prestigious awards. Again, congratulations, it ain't big but there it is. Post more so I can kill more time.

Anyway, I started worrying about my unstoppable weight gain. It brought me back to the time when I had an epiphany in high school, after I found out that my crush went for the slim guys. It's sad but true. People fall in love with your physical appearance before they fall in love with your brain. Thank God I am not cursed in the looks department so at least patrons of the chub industry may still welcome me in the market.

I admit that my realization in high school was more of vanity than being conscious about health. But this time, it's the other way around. I noticed how I began having difficulty climbing the stairs of the MRT bridgeway (also known as the MRT-Taipei 101). I also started having that heavy feeling when I wake up in the morning, and I've been experiencing some minor pains on my back. The signs are clear. I am an unhealthy denizen of the fastfood world.

To address this, I started with my usual diet:

Yes, it's not the REAL diet plan you have in mind. But I have to say Iost weight just by eating wheat bread with tuna and cheese in it. Absoulutely no rice. That's the thing I hate about staying with my folks. They always think I'm tired and they leave some rice for me to devour upon arrival.

I know dieting won't be enough to lose all this weight. So I decided to seek some help and went shopping online:

The eBay seller was quite nice. I had doubts at first since I haven't tried depositing the money into a bank account first and just wait for the package to arrive. I always meet with the sellers and pay them in cash. Fortunately, this one followed through. Bien!

I've inherited my sister's exercise ball. Though I've had it for months now, I haven't had a solid exercise routine with it. I saw Core Secrets by Gunnar Peterson on Home TV Shopping and thought it was great.

I was expecting Brooke Burke to be the instructor but Gunnar tool control of the show. Brooke was just one of the girls who did the exercises with Gunnar. The package included three DVDs and all had excellent quality. Great eBay seller!

Can I just say? The exercise moves weren't as easy as I thought they would be! My personal favorite is the Ab Assault wherein Gunnar really pushes you to do more reps. It's like he was really in my room pressuring me to do more crunches to the left and right.

Hope this works. I don't want to pop some pills again but if worse comes to worst, I might have to do that to lose a few pounds. Then, I will revert back to my exercise routine.

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