Madonna Decena on Britain's Got Talent
WIll she make it?

9:13 PM

With Charlie Green eliminated, all eyes are on Madonna Decena. Her previous performance was very moving (heck, I was also in tears after watching it!) Here's her most recent performance at Britain's Got Talent. I'm not so sure about her vocal performance. I thought her voice was a bit shaky and she went flat on some parts.

I want to know who's decision it was to post the picture of her two girls while she was singing. I mean, that part of her story in this competition should be over now. She should be focusing on how she could win this thing and how she could improve her performances. Sadly, this one is turning into Britain's version of Wowowee.

You sometimes cannot argue with Simon Cowell. He's very honest and admit it, most of the time he tells the truth! While Madonna's performance was not any better than her previous one, I still hope she'll be given another chance. If not, I hope she gets more jobs in the UK like what she said she wanted to get out of this competition.

UPDATE: Madonna has been eliminated.

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