Time to take a break

5:22 PM

I'm glad it finally happened. The crew went out today. After enjoying our sumptuous lunch in Baclaran last month, I convinced them to try the dampa near Mall of Asia. Sadly, two of them were not able to join due to some personal businesses they have to deal with. But we all decided to push through with it because we've cancelled so many gimmicks in the past.

When we got there, the rain started to pour. According to the news, the 3rd official typhoon has FINALLY arrived. I was happy and I welcomed the rain with open arms, though of course, I didn't want to get wet. I hope it was enough to somehow fill the dams and help with the irrigation. I guess the President won't be needing emergency powers anymore.

I admire Ina because she knows the art of how to haggle with the market vendors. She used to own a restaurant so she knows how to ask for discounts. I just stood there, amazed at how well she did. The food was definitely more than enough and was cheap too, compared with what we had in Baclaran. We're definitely going to be back for more.

Salem's van wasn't available so Vashti, Jhing, Kristine and I took the cab while the others went with Kervin and Doc. Here they are, hungry and looking very happy just before lunch was served.
When we ate in Baclaran, Maleen taught me how to crack the crab and eat the meat in it. The crabs were deep fried. I asked Kervin if the shell is supposed to be edible and he said yes. Taena, it was too late when they told me that you're not supposed to eat the shell. So this time, I knew better. I stayed away from the freaking shell.
Something special for today: I ate shrimp! For the first time in many years. I stopped eating shrimp since I was in third grade when I was brought to the hospital for food poisoining/gastroenteritis. The doctor blamed the shrimp I ate for lunch. It was the year when Red Tide was really killing a lot of people.
Since Doc doesn't eat shrimp and crabs, we got him some tuna and it was DELICIOUS too!

Hay so much for the diet. Tomorrow, lemme do that Ab Assault again. SIgh!

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