What the rain has done

5:25 PM

It's 4:00AM and it hasn't stopped raining. Ugh. Times like these I wish I own a huge truck, enough to brave the metro flood so I could make it to the office in one dry piece. Odice from the office just called asking if I need someone to pick me up. Sweet naman ng companya namin. I politely declined the offer coz I know more people need to be picked up. I'm a hop, jump and skip away from the office (a good 10 minutes if I don't take a dump in the morning hehe) but the problem is the streets leading to the office are all flooded! UGH UGH UGH!

Meanwhile, despite the very bad weather yesterday:

I went to Instituto to enrol. I took the intensive program so I can attend class everyday. By January next year, I would be on the 8th level, which is nice! Sana lang it wouldn't ruin my plans like the bloggers' event plus other things. Oh well...

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