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I was excited when I learned that my little sister joined the McDonald's Summer Kiddie Crew program:

When I was 13 years old, I was part of Chowking's Kiddie Crew. It was kinda funny wearing a name tag which had my name on it right below the Kiddie Crew logo. I would always get comments and questions from customers when I serve them food.

Fat woman: Kiddie Crew ka?
Me: Yes ma'am.
Fat woman: You're too big, you should be a regular crew.

Now, I know she should have said, 'You're too tall'. The word tall would have been accepted more positively that the word big. Nevertheless, she made her point clear. I just wish she was a bit careful not to hurt anyone's feelings.

Cool mom: Wow , I didn't know they had a kiddie crew. Where are the kids? (She must have thought I was wearing the name tag to promote the summer program.)
Me: Err, they're on the afternoon shift. Although, I am part of it.
Cool mom: Really? Nice! How old are you?
Me: *smiles* I'm 13 po.

Now there's a polite mom. She gave me that surprised look but the question was very much appreciated. That's why she was called the 'cool' mom.

I was joined by two of my cousins. I would have to say I was the hardworking one. I'm basing this statement on the amount of earnings. My salary was always higher than the other two. I know, it's rude to compare payslips but what the heck! Hehe...

The Kiddie Crew program was really fun. We had a field trip to the Chowking factories where they make the noodles and siopaos. We also had the chance to make halo-halos and some other cool offerings from Chowking.

One of the funniest moments I had was when this pregnant woman came by to buy halo-halo. She went to the counter and ordered:

Preggy woman: 32 na halo-halo.

The manager verified the order.

Manager: 32 po na halo-halo? As in 32?
Preggy woman: OO bakit? Babayaran ko naman ha?
Manager: May kasama po ba kayo?
Preggy Woman: Wala, ano ba? 32 na halo-halo nagmamadali ako.

So we rushed to the halo-halo kiosk and prepared her order. All the crew members helped out. We were glad it wasn't a peak hour. After makign about 20 halo-halos, the woman approached the counter:

Preggy woman: Matagal pa ba?
Manager: Lapit na po.

24 halo-halos. 25. 26. Oops, wrong size. 26 halo-halos. The impatient pregnant woman, whose probably in her 6th or 7th month approached the manager again.

Preggy woman: Bakit ba ang tagal nyo? Sana sinabi nyo na may umorder ng madami sana inuna nyo na ko!
Counter: Ma'am sa inyo po to. Sabi nyo 32 na halo-halo.
Preggy woman: Ano?! Sabi ko 32 na halo-halo.
Manager: Oo nga po. Tinanong pa nga po namin kayo di ba.
Preggy woman: Sabi ko yung 32 na halo-halo. Wala akong sinabi na 32 orders ng halo-halo.
(At this point, the woman pointed to the colorful poster promoting the two sizes of the famous Chowking Halo-halo. Regular is at 29 Pesos and the large one is at 32 Pesos.)


The whole crew just laughed it all off. It was the funniest day ever in that store. We ended up paying for the 25 other halo-halos. Though I don't like it, I had to take one home.

Eto pa. There was this woman who would always eat lunch at Chowking. She orders the same food, same size of drink, same quantity. She was always with someone, although I never noticed if she had a regular lunch buddy. I thought she was pretty rude. She would always stare at me and give me that La Gretta look. Taray.

One time, I was behind the counter. She asked me a silly question. Siguro di na sya nakapag-pigil so she asked na.

Corporate bitch: One meal--err--Can I ask you something?
Me: Sure.
Corporate bitch: Are you a guy or a girl?

I stood there confused not with my sexual preference but with the reason why this woman asked this question. Then I realized where I was. I was standing behind the counter. She could only see half of my body. I was wearing the hideous Chinese hat and a red uniform, which has a dress-like version. This is probably why she wondering if I was wearing a dress or just a top.

Me: Uhm... why po? I mean yes.
Corporate bitch: Yes, guy or yes girl?
Me: Oh, guy. Haha!
Corporate bitch: Oh sorry dear. I thought you were a girl. Your face is too pretty to be a guy's face.
Me: *wink* HMPH.

I'm just glad that they changed the uniform for the service crew.

The following year, the prgram was called off. No reason was given by the management. I just made it a habit to visit Chowking Park Square to remember all the fun moments I had as kiddie crew.

A few months ago, I realized that the store was closed. They probably moved it somewhere where there's more people. Park Square 1 is just so dead nowadays. Only the tech stores are still making some serious business.

Have some great summer moments to share?

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