Backstreet's back: SO WHAT?

12:28 AM

Okay, this is getting a little disturbing. Aren't we supposed to live in the new millennium? Why are we now living in the 90's? I'm talking about the comebacks that have been happening left and right people. First it was the Spice Girls and now, the Backstreet Boys are back [yet again]? One thing I hate about comebacks is they make you relive your teen years while at the same time make you realize that you're getting too effin' old.

Okay, the Backstreet Boys are back--minus Kevin Richardson-- SO WHAT? I guess they're trying to stay true to their previous album's title 'Never Gone'. Well, I guess BSB will never be gone. I have to give it to Kev. You realized that you're no longer a 'BOY' so you want to stop acting like one. Yeah! For the surviving-- more like struggling-- members of the group, DO SOMETHING NEW DAMMIT! Reinvent!
Earlier, I was surprised that my old favorite All Saints made a silent comeback after burying the hatchet one day while having coffee. These girls just didn't know what they wanted to do. Some wanted to continue singing, while some wanted to be mommies. We also got confused and there goes your career, Poof!
My sister's favorite boyband Take That also attempted to do a huge comeback but their UK fans have moved on to Amy Whinehouse and Zac 'Effin' Efron.
How did we F* fall in love with these freaks?

I have to admit, though, that I joined the boy and girl group bandwagon and bought cassette tapes (yes remember 'em!) of these once famous groups. I googled them to see the possibility of doing a comeback but it seems impossible:

Remember the Honeyz? They guested on GMA 7 when I was a junior I think. They left us with unforgettable hits such as 'Finally Found' and 'End of the line'. The group ditched a member in the middle of their tour and replaced her with former Solid Harmonie member Mariama, who later left the group to be a first-class Ho. Don't know what happened to that.

M2M. Yeah. I know. Why the f* did their handlers have to name the duo that. When I was younger, I used to say that I really liked these girls and SOME of their songs especially the one used in the Pokemon movie. The gays would laugh so hard and later, I realized why. They're now both performing as solo artists.

I have a confession to make. I'm a sucker for underdogs so at the time when the UK and the US were both introducing boybands left and right, I chose the one which was the least popular. I first saw them on MTV Asia's Most Wanted [show] with Mike Kasem and Nadja Hutagalung (remember them 90's folks?). Mike was introducing their video and at the same time Nadja was picking her nose at the back. She was holding an album called 'Most Wanted Boys', a compilation of the up and coming boybands. (Later they released 'Fantastic Females', puro mga babae naman.)

They released very romantic love songs. Though they didn't reach NSync's and BSB's Starmometer level, they managed to produce Billboard chart-topping singles such as 'Give me just one night (Una Noche)'. Who am I talking about?

98 Degrees
I'm not embarrassed to say that I've bought every album they released, from 98 degrees to 98 Degrees and Rising to Revelation. And I also went to ALL their concerts here in Manila (twice at SM Megamall and once at the Folk Arts Theatre). I even have signed inlays of my cassette tapes. Bwahahahahahhaha!
Unfortunately, it looks like 98 Degrees won't be making a comeback anytime soon. Justin ran for Congress (I'm not sure if he won); Nick Lachey has been gracing the tabloid covers with his sex photos with Vanesso Minnillo; I don't f* know what happened to Jeff Timmons (though he released a solo album which I also have); and Drew has been dancing a lot lately. Still, their official site says 98 degrees ain't breaking up. Poof!

Boohoo! Update your site!
Or better yet throw it to the dogs!

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