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Okay this is downright J.Lo. as in jologs but what the heck. I need someone to help me disable the subcription I signed up for in the past. When 'Sana Maulit Muli' was still on air, I obssessed over the Kim-Gerald loveteam. So I subscribed to their daily MMS updates. Now I can't freaking stop it! I called Globe and they gave me directions. I did all of that but it still sends me their pictures, this time while shooting the movie version of the teleserye.

This on-screen love team is definitely benta for me. I'm not a fan of teleseryes but I guess I was just impressed with the concept of their teleserye and I also liked their tandem.

In fairview, the pictures looked like they were the ones who took them during their breaks at the shooting. The don't know who the F is the girl behind them.

I think Gerald Anderson is more vain since he's sending more pics than Kim Chui Taena tama na! Ang mahal na ng bill ko!

Anyway, I had a few other interesting finds on the WWW:

I found this blog (sorry forgot the link!) where this pic was posted. It's a hummer made out of bubble gum.

The artist (again, I forgot the name) explained that this work of art reminds us of the time when the Americans where at war and the soldiers gave out candies and gums to the poor kids (forgot if it was Vietnam or somewhere else). It's funny how they adore war so much they even made it look cooler.

I am going to watch 'Blueberry Nights' because: 1. Wong Kar Wai directed the movie. 2. Natalie Portman is in it. 3. NORAH JONES, yes, the singer--I know, I had the same reaction--is also in the movie at starring role pa uy!

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