I couldn't help but wonder...

5:30 PM

So much for all the Malu Fernandez brouhaha...Chuvaness has blogged about it; so did

toyomansi. I just feel that I should also say something about the issue--the first and last time you'll ever read it here.

I don't actually blame Malu Fernandez. For one, she may really be just an ordinary rich bitch who couldn't keep her mouth shut, blabbing about her expensive perfume and her trips to the other side of the world. I don't hate her for writing the article because maybe, as she has written in her response to the whole Malu Brouhaha, that she might just be staying true to herself.

Okay she's a bitch, she's a rich brat and she's not afraid to say it out loud.

But what's really bothering me is the fact that the editors of Manila Standard and People Asia have given her space for this utterly ridiculous piece of crap. Sorry to inject myself in the story but my ideas have been trashed by my my EICs at InQ and Chalk. They have FULL control and responsibility over the contents of the magazine. Why did they let this one come out in the open? I think the 'insensitivity' Malu mentioned started right there.

As what Jayvee have written on ABuggedLife.com:

'Malu Fernandez does have her .. unique quirks. But I feel more obliged to ask the staff of People Asia (or the Manila Standard) why they let an article like this pass through a magazine that has a clear vision of celebrating the beauty of Asia.

In this case, it is not about editing out a writer’s voice. This is about going off tangent with your magazine’s vision. The editorial staff is sure giving their sales team a hard time with this one.'

I'm not happy that she quit her job. I would be more happy if the eds say something about this.

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