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Today, I read in the newspaper that the Filipino version of Marimar will replace the [yet another Pinoy] remake, Lupin  on GMA 7. I have to say that channel 7 definitely scores huge points for this project. Back in the 90's, Thalia was the primetime Goddess, dethroning our very own Judy Ann Santos (of then Mara Clara) from her Drama Queen kingdom, forcing her and the ABS-CBN cohorts to push the local soaps to a primetime slot. When this desperate move wasn't enough, they bought the rights of yet another Thalia telenovela, Maria Mercedes, and put it in the timeslot right after Marimar.

It was the most exciting turn in Philippine Television. For the first time, I started to care about what was being shown on TV. GMA was then eating ABS-CBN and RPN 9's dust with their loser soap opera entitled 'Villa Quintana. I don't remember what they replaced it with. But their very first time to join the telenovela bandwagon was the launch of Agujetas de color de Rosas. However, the Filipino audience was very resistant to change, after being smitten by the charm of lovely Thalia. They moved to Maria Mercedes after Marimar's story ended. 

Then, we have come to known a few popular characters like Betty La Fea, Alicia, Simplemente Maria, and other Mexican stars. But no one matched the popularity of Thalia, who later came back for another top-rating show, Rosalinda.

When Ria and I were in high school, we belonged to different sections. I was in I-Pascal and she was in I-Euclid. During a convocation of the seniors, we both competed in a skit from a scene in Marimar. We both played CORAZON.

So I was so excited to see who gets to play the role of the big, Black Mexican woman who had a very funny voice. The lucky woman happens to be Manilyn Reynes. I just wonder, what's with the colorful clown costume? Though Corazon was a funny element of the show, she was a very serious character.

Though I was disappointed that Angel Locsin declined the offer of playing the much-coveted role, I'm glad that Marian Rivera is doing well in emulating Thalia. She really does remind me of the 90's. Aww!

Natawa tuloy ako. Kasi I was the only male student playing a female role in that skit. The crowd went wild when I got out and mimicked Corazon's voice. It got even more hilarious when I accidentally dropped the blanket around my waist, which I used as my skirt. I remember putting charcoal on my face because I was so maputi back then. Erickson played Sergio and Jerelou played Marimar. To add a little spice, we surprised the audience with Eydee's sexy dance to the tune of the Marimar theme song...and I was the one sang it pa! Hay! I miss high school!

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