Another Looooong day pt. 1 - A Tale of two spanish classes

5:27 PM

My classmates in Spanish still want us to take level 2 together but this time at Alliance Francaise de Manille in Makati. It's more accessible to the ten of us. However, to open a class in Makati, IC needs at least 10 people to sign up. The problem is that some of us are not sure if they still want another round of palabras in their head. So my seatmate Armar made a list. I was the tenth person on it. The last minute, I changed my mind and figured I could finish level 2 faster if I take the cursos intensivos (intensive courses), wherein the class will meet four times a week instead of the usual twice-a-week class of mi profesora Sandra. I apologised to my classmates for not being able to join them.

Thanks to the two tropical storms, classes in all levels were suspended. Even the make-up classes were suspended. According to the administration office, we still need to complete the required number of hours so the teacher really needs to meet us and do a final evaluation.

Of course I didn't know this until yesterday. I went to Instituto Cervantes at 1PM for my intensive class. When I got there, people were going ballistic because they couldn't find their rooms. We were supposed to be in aula 2 but there was a group of students who said they're on level 1. I called the guard and asked and they were as confused as I was. Later we found out that the same professor will be holding a make-up class for his level 1 students. This means level 2 won't start until Wednesday. Bummer.

A few minutes later, mi profesor arrived. He is a tall, good-looking Spanish instructor who has a good sense of humor, but a short fuse. I was the only one who showed up for level 2 so I asked if I can just sit in since I'm already there. He said it's okay so I joined the class.

The class ended at 4PM and that was when I thought that I should definitely attend my 530 level 1 class. No biggie. Just lots of ejercisios and picture-taking:

T'was fun guys! See you around :)

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