5:17 PM

Went partying just a few hours ago. Patty has been inviting me to the Stonemoney parties but I haven't gone to any of them. So I did today because I know Giorjean is going. Same with the Law School girls Carla and Meianne plus a few UPM and UPD friends.

I first met with Joanne, Ayen, and Zarah at Kitchen in GB3. They had this small reunion and I decided to crash the partee.

When we were in college, Joanne asked me to help out in doing their video for this report in Natural Science. I was one of the actors in that mini movie.

She asked me to pretend that I collapsed and roll down the grass at the Sunken Garden in UP Diliman. Silly me, I did as I was told. She posted the video on her Multiply account. They're both working at a Research firm.

I missed Giorjean so much. Today, I met her lucky boyfriend. They're both working at GMA7. Giorj has been the wind beneath my wings in college. When you're young, you're insecure and afraid. Giorj was always there to lift my spirits.

We had a super nice conversation. We did some catching up and had some fab drinks..which were free at Nuvo! Thanks go out to Patty and Nikki for inviting me to this event.

Nikki (right) directed the fashion show. She used to be with Pink magazine, which I heard will soon fold up. She's now with Manila Bulletin and they're going to launch a new magazine.

It's nice to see all of us drinking again. In college, we used to ditch our classes to get vodka and Long Island Iced teas at some bar in front of Ateneo. I met Meianne's fiance. Carla is single and happy. I was starting to feel crappy. Ahh... too much drinks. Waiter! Another one please.

Can I just say? I've officially moved up a notch from being a corporate loser back to a person with a decent social life. Sigh! At last!

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