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After being done watching the third season of Desperate Housewives, finishing my beloved template at work, and talking endlessly about BFL, I have nothing else to blog about. So two days ago, I put on my BoobooStrider shoes and went to the First Philippine Motor Show at the World Trade Centre. I saw on the paper that the new Vios will be shown and I was excited to see that. While I don't own a car [yet], I am a little bit of a car enthusiast. I failed to go to the previous transhows so I put this one on my calendar a month earlier.

And I wasn't disappointed. The new Toyota Vios looks MUCH better than its two predecessors. Never mind if it kinda looks like the current Honda City release. This one is much sexier and surprisingly looks roomier than the previous releases. Drool! Drool! I want!

Not far from the Toyota area were the Suzuki cars. My all-time fave, the Suzuki Swift, watched me silently as I drool over the Vios. So I decided to take one shot and move over to my beloved Swift. Why do I like this car? Because I think it's cooler than a Honda Jazz, looks more elegant than a Kia Picanto, and definitely sportier than a Chevrolet Aveo. Heck, it even looks like a Japanese Mini Cooper!

I'm glad they're starting to introduce fuel-efficient cars in the market. One of the stars of this show is the Toyota Prius, the most popular Hybrid car in the US today, which combines the power of gasoline and electricity. 

...And in the running to becoming Philippines' Next Ugliest Car is the Suzuki Alto. The exterior design is too amateur! Worse, the dashboard looks and feels like an old, beat up Isuzu Gemini. I'm not kidding!

I was pissed because my phone's battery died while trying to get a shot of Kia's concept car. So I wasn't able to get a pic of the ultra-sportee Mitsubishi Lancer EX, the bigger and more elegant Hyundai Starex, and my new favorite SUV--the Mitsubishi Outlander. And Oh, if I had the money to buy an expensive car right now, I will buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse. H-O-T!


I forgot how I found this but I read an article about Timbuk2's new Blogger Bag:

This reminds me of the time when Ria wanted to get herself a ToyoBag. I haven't seen one but she was so eager to get it from Team Manila. While the bag was out of stock,  we bought a few shirts from the store instead.

So this Blogger bag was designed by a fellow blogger for, well, bloggers. I'm not sure what got into his head because as a blogger for more than four years now, I haven't thought of any special needs for me to want a 'blogger' bag. So I think it's all a marketing scheme.

But I have to say, calling it a Blogger Bag is kinda cool and quite catchy. It's like slippers and calling them Flip-Flops. Or ugly sandals and calling them Crocs. It's all in the name! But wait, there's a catch: The bag costs P5000++. YAIKS!

I think I'm going to stick to my Memo bag. Not just for my laptop. Pang-isports pa!


Boredom really gets you somewhere. I found a post about this bloggers' event at Mrs Fields in Manila Pavillion on Tuesday. I signed up online. I hope I can get a slot! Hay, something to blog about again!

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