Another looong day pt. 2: A Cookie Make-Over

5:28 PM

Since my spanish class ended at 8:30pm I was very late for the Mrs. Fields bloggers' meet at their Manila Pavilion branch in Manila. The cafe is just a hop, jump and skip away from Instituto. I was planning on leaving early but I was afraid that the instructor might give us a final assessment so I stayed. I still passed by Mrs. Fields just to see if the bloggers were still there. Yehey! Nandun pa sila but I missed the first part of the show where the Blog and Soul movement was introduced by the controversial Jayvee Fernandez of A Bugged Life.

I'm pretty sure there were more people before I arrived. I recognized a few bloggers like Jayvee. So sad Ria couldn't join me.
We were entertained by the pinoy Mentalist, Kel who was really impressive. He pulled off a few tricks but failed on some of them. Well, he was able to put on a good show for us.
I saw AJ. We used to work together as correspondents for Chalk magazine. Aileen Apolo was also there and she reminded me about the Taste Asia event tonight. Ugh. I don't think I'm going to the that one though.
Mrs. Fields reminds me of my UP Manila days. My sister and I always buy their Chocolate chip muffins. They used be so huge but now they're too pricey for their current size.
I saw one of my classmates in UP. She now works for Mrs. Fields corporate communications ata. She was the one who explained that Mrs. Fields is rebranding, going beyond cookies and muffins.
Dubbed as the Cookie Cafe, they now seem to be competing with giants like Starbucks and Seattle's Best. The advantage though is that they offer more goodies... these Oh-So-Delicious goodies!
They serve ice cream too!
Here's a sweet (and HUGE) way to send a message....
Or you can try this one too...

+Congrats to Jayvee for organizing the event and Thanks to Sasha for putting my name on the list. Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe will formally open on September 1 at the Manila Pavilion along United Nations Avenue in Manila. Their TriNoMa branch is now open.

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