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5:29 PM

I had a very important interview today that I had to text people at work that I won't be coming. Anyway, I will blog about the details once I've received some positive feedback. It ain't for a new job.

Anyway I watched a movie after:

John Travolta nailed the part! It was SOOOO much fun. I thought it'll be corny but I just found myself laughing in the cinema. And Nikki Blonsky sure knows how to dance!

Last week, I saw...

I dunno why Rush Hour 3 got poor reviews but it was definitely the most hilarious installment. The story was a bit disappointing though, kasi it was borrowed from The Da Vinci Code.
Of course, I watched Bourne Ultimatum because 1) I saw the first two movies 2) I lurve Julia Stiles. She's such a smart girl-- Yale baby. This one is action-packed. I couldn't keep up with the actors' energy.

Hairspray reminded me of Perez Hilton. (Yes, I've been reading on shitty Hollywood stories thanks to Perez.) He's been writing stories about Zac Efron being gay. I have to say that in this movie, he DOES look SO gay. It's not just the hair. It's everything.

I think he's trying to be the next Lindsay Lohan....
...or Mary-Kate Olsen.....
His gayness turned 360 degrees that he nows looks more like a lesbian.

I found this cool site which is really funny, it's dedicated to Zac 'Effin' Efron. You decide:

He's so tanned......he almost looks like this.

Movies on my watchlist:

It's a Sundance entry so it must be good. Mandy Moore is getting hotter and hotter. Hot album + more mature roles = Hot Mandy.
I'm curious because the trailer tells me this is going to be another Number 23 (Jim Carrey). Plus it's the wacky Ryan Reynolds doing a drama thriller.

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