The Korean Mariah Carey: Cha Soo-Kyung

PIKABucks: NEW site launched!

Alicia Keys performs with SMV, En Vogue and TLC

JoJo - Acepto que no puedes volver (Just a Little Too Late)

SERBIS: Filipino entry to the Cannes Film Festival

Mommy Bloggers are given a SocialSpark!

Had a Bad Day?

Banned Commercials!

Jamie Lynn welcomes Baby Girl!

Honda FCX Clarity: Hydrogen-powered car

The Incredible Hulk report

Still talking about Sex and the City Movie...

What did I do to deserve this?

[Just for Laughs] Bush and Putin Dance

Arnel Pineda does GQ

Shia LaBeouf stars on Eagle Eye

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Deal or No Deal (US) in the Philippines

I Kell You!

iPhone goes 3G!

Smokey Mountain - I LOVE THEM!

Tyra Banks' 275 smiles

Fantasia Vs. Charice: Who nailed it?

Diabetes: Keep That Sugar Low

Kung Fu Panda is AWESOME!

Obama/Clinton Ticket

Missing Pyramid Found in Egypt!

Sex and the City Movie:
I wasn't carried away

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull:
Fun and entertaining...

Vintage David Archuleta!

Can I just say?
I am getting addicted to
some of David Archuleta's songs!

The Sequels: Hot or Not?

Madonna Decena on Britain's Got Talent
WIll she make it?

Shuttle Discovery blasts off!

Charlie Green: Eliminated on Britain's Got Talent

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