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12:12 PM

Last week I met with my best friend Ria's sister at Glorietta. I picked up my gift (which came all the way from Sydney down unda) and I gave my gift for Ria as well. She wished for the latest Jessica Zafra book Twisted 8 and some DVDs of Project Runway or any reality TV show.

On the same day, I did a last minute trip to Pirate Central, also known as Makati Square lower ground DVD house. Unfortunately, I was only able to find the seasons 2-8 of America's Next Top Model and Top Chef. I put the DVDs in the paper bag which has the book but later pulled out seasons 7 and 8 of ANTM. I figured I could burn some time watching some dramz c/o Tyra.

I never realized it until Ria reminded me that I was the one who introduced the Twisted book series to her. Awww... talagang friends nga naman.

Ako naman, I didn't know what I wanted. I just told her I wanted something which I can only get in Australia. I originally wanted an original A&F shirt but I don't know what happened to that. Then one time I saw online ads about the AussieBum underwear. I dunno why, but the brand sounds much cooler than Diesel or Calvin Klein. So that's what I asked her to get for me.

She said they don't have an actual store, so she had to get a money order sent to their office but she ordered it online. I was excited to see what design she bought for me. They had cool designs, some even funny, but they were sort of catering to the muscled guys which makes me crack every time I think about wearing one. She asked me to visit their site and guess what she picked out for me.

Anyway, before I even opened my gift, I first read the card she gave me. I miss my bestfriend a lot:

PS: Don't show your appreciation (if ever haha)
by sending me a pic of you & the AussieBum.

And finally, I opened her gift (yes, she wrapped it) and voila:

Of course, she picked the the Manga edition as she is a true fan of Japanese Anime. The gift totally reminds me of her: a true Australian product and has Manga design on it. But yeah, being reminded of your best friend when wearing an underwear isn't really a good idea haha!

Thanks RIA! Now I just have to work a li'l hard and try to look like this:

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