Turbo blogging series: finally, finally, finally

4:39 PM

We were in a meeting earlier and my [good] boss (remember there's the 'bad' one out there) Pio said we need to talk about something. I thought it wasn't really important. I've been in-charge of so many things right now and I just thought he'd give me another task.

About two hours after my shift, people have gone home but I was still working. Then he sent me a message through YM.

'Pika, go here.'
'Okay boss, I'm still on the 21st.'
'We need to talk so clear your mind.'
'Okay, I'll start packing.'

I wondered. Nobody has ever asked me to 'clear my mind' before having a conversation with my boss. I was so anxious to know what was going on.

When I got there, he started by asking the scariest question ever: 'Pika, how are you?' Usually, that particular question is followed by a negative statement, probably a positive one first to prevent panic but bad news almost always ensues.

Well, I was glad to know it wasn't really a bad news. In fact it was something really exciting for me. I'm sort of moving up... I'll be the acting Assistant Manager starting next week.


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