Resto Trip 2

4:51 PM

Amici is a restaurant along Arnaiz Avenue. It used to be called Amici di Don Bosco (Friends of Don Bosco). It was opened sometime in the 90's when I was still studying at Don Bosco Makati. We used to sneak out buy their ice cream because it's just so delicious. Some students got caught, were charged with cutting classes and were eventually kicked out. That was the end of our secret trips to Amici.

I decided to pay Amici a visit today and was surprised to see that they've renovated their store. Sadly, it sort of lost its classic image. It looks more commercialized now and is somehow similar to Sbarro's (probably because of the use of the Italian flag's colours?) They didn't have ice cream so I had to try their pizza.

The crust is yum yum. But I wasn't satisfied. They better have ice cream on my next visit.

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