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4:38 PM

I've written about my obsession with reality shows over a hundred times already. The first time I saw Survivor on Studio 23 I instantly fell in love with it. I never stopped watching it since then. But of course, I also have been watching other shows. My current favorites are The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Asia and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (JDMA).

I'm not really a big fan of fashion but I love JDMA just because it looks more real than America's Next Top Model. They book models in real jobs and get rid of the bad ones instantly without going through the arduous process of doing hair and make-up and doing photoshoots only to be eliminated at the end of the show. What's also nice is that we now know that JDMA models are real working models.

Despite all the criticism, I still find ANTM entertaining. I miss watching it with Ria at our old apartment in Clark. We both think Tyra is amazing and beautiful but there's just something fake about her hit show. Now I heard about the Saleisha scandal which made me even more disappointed at her.

But this is not really the first time that I've been disappointed with one of my favorite shows. I was shocked to find out that some shots on Survivor were 're-created' with stand-ins. An insider once said that the scenes where they were seen hiking and walking miles and miles on their way to Tribal Council were all rehearsed. In reality, they take a short, air-conditioned SUV ride.

On The Apprentice, I didn't realize that the elevator ride to Donald Trump's office was just for show. This came to me as a surprise because there was a scene in the second season where Mr. Trump was deliberating Apex Corp's performance when he decided to ask their teammates (who were then already back in their fabulous suite) to come back to the boardroom for further evaluation on one certain incident.

It was purely the magic of editing.

I'm currently watching Cycle 9 of ANTM and I wondered, is it worth it? Why waste my time of we all know the real winner was robbed in this season?

I think Tyra Banks better shape up and better come up with a much better Cycle 10. Or else, Tyson Beckford and Nikki Taylor is going to give her a run for her money with Make Me A Supermodel.

It's a mix of ANTM and Project Runway but they feature both male and female models. The best part is that the viewers can vote for the model of their choice.

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