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7:03 PM

Today, my [orig] boss called for a meeting. I was expecting an important announcement since he wanted all morning supervisors to be there. I was surprised when he made an official announcement: I will be their Assistant Program Manager effective immediately. It was a mixture of excitement and fear, I have to admit. Excitement because I cannot wait to bring my career to the next level and at the same time fear of losing myself in the process.

I always fear that taking on a new role will result to many sacrifices, most important of which is my social life. Not that I have a fabulous lifestyle. Like now I have to deal with my friends in a more professional manner, I have to be cautious when opening my mouth; I have to treat everyone with utmost respect without getting bored or irritated easily. Too many things I should consider.

One thing I learned about my boss is that I've completely misunderstood him. A few months ago, I used to think that the former assistant manager was doing most of his work and that he was just sitting there, maybe working for a few hours but not as hard as we expect him to.

But now that I've started to work with him more closely, I am starting to see the leader in him. What's better is that he wants me to start making decisions for him.

I was so scared today because I screwed up on one of the important reports I submitted to him. I think I just have to remind myself to be extra careful in every task that I do.


It was also time for me to break the news to my crew. Aside from Heath Ledger's death, Team Pika will now be officially dissolved and they would have to be distributed to different supervisors across all shifts. It's a sad thing since I've started to develop a nice relationship with my team and I think they've already realized how concerned I was (and still am) for their welfare. I just hope they'll still support me as I take on this new role.


It's quite scary that I am sharing a role with someone I do not get along with. It's quite inevitable that this will become a competition between an a-hole who has a two Master's and degrees and an old-timer in the company. I think my only advantage is that I am well aware of the process and that my people skills are way better than his (based of course on my observation and experience). It's also funny that he accused me of being lousy then the next day he found out we're sharing this role.

I just hope everything turns out well. I really do.

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