Going Psycho plus movie mania all over again

4:33 PM

I hate myself for doing it again:


I don't know what the heck is up with my new boss. I just don't get him. He's out there trying to look tough and like he's actually acting like a boss but I just don't get this problem. I was on time yesterday. I arrived 15 minutes before the time and he said I gotta come in earlier. Okay, fair enough. Then when I was assisting my crew he asked me in that condescending tone, ' You know why you're scrambling?' I told him I'm not. I knew that the people who are having problems with their system today are the same people who had problems yesterday so why waste your time worry about such?

I don't know if he was just trying to make sure we are aware that he is now THE boss... or maybe he was just trying to show off the management styles he learned after getting is MBA.

Such people really get into my nerves. But hey, they're the boss! So I guess I need to live with this for the next two months. I'm afraid this ain't gonna be a nice Valentine's this year.


I was so surprised to find out that Bee Movie was actually a good movie! My sister has a pirated DVD but it stops at a certain scene. She said she didn't like it so I was worried that it might not really be a good idea to watch it. WOW! I was amazed. Not only because the animation was excellent but also because the story was cool (though crazy, you might think).


I also watched I Could Never Be Your Woman at Glorietta yesterday. I've actually been waiting for this movie since December because the trailer was, though lacked that Hollywood glamour, quite funny. And I wanted to feel better yesterday so I finally watched it.

The story is pretty obvious. A 40-year-old woman fell in love with a 29-year-old man who doesn't care that she's an aging woman. Paul Rudd is a super hilarious guy and he's kept his cool guy image since the movie Clueless.

I love that they made it a more hopeful version of Prime (Bryan Greenberg/Uma Thurman). If they beefed up the script and had a more updated soundtrack, this could have been a much better movie.


I dunno if I should watch Sweeney Todd. I am a fan of Johnny Depp and all his craziness but I read that the movie has enough gore to keep me out of the cinema until the end of the movie.

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are like Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa during the peak of their careers. They look good together and their movies actually make money. It's one of the most stable tandems in Hollywood.


I cannot wait to see Sex and the City this May!

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