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Je t'adore Mika! I was first introduced to his music through my bestfriend Ria who said his other song Love Today is the gayest song ever and she loves listening to it while walking down the streets of Australia. SO I checked him out on YouTube and found this. Cool indeed! Some people might not like Mika because he's always in that falsetto voice but hey! Justin Timberlake also did it (and did it so well) in his first album.

But my favorite song from Mika's album, Life in Cartoon Motion is Happy Ending. The lyrics may bring you to tears especially if you just broke up with someone or if you're still not over someone you really love. Funny thing though, since the theme is cartoon, the video is like an oxymoron. It's supposed to be funny with all the toys singing but the words of the song overpowers any other emotion when listening to this song.

Try it. You just might like Mika.

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