after three bad hair days

4:02 PM

Aside from the new 'boss', I've been sick and tired of people noticing how 'ugly' my new hair is. I've tried to maintain a semikal look since November of last year and I loved it. One bad thing about it: I looked too fat. But hey! I got more dates than ever! So the hair must have worked.... even with too much fat on my friggin' face.

So I decided to grow my hair back. It started growing back last December. When it got to the point when my nape started to itch and people kept convincing me to cut my hair, I paid my good ole barber a visit and had a barber's cut - meaning he trimmed he sides to help my hair grow to its 'normal' state.

Apparently, people didn't like my look. While some said that I looked like a young boy with my new do, most people said I look weird and that I should just revert back to being a baldy. Such a shame! I gave that barber a tip for, what I thought, was an awesome job he did.

So I am gonna pay him a visit later and get another cut.

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