Turbo blogging series: Sweeney Todd and Boyhood

4:22 PM

To celebrate my small victory, I treated myself to [yet another] movie. I finally had the courage to watch Sweeney Todd: The Demon of Fleet Street. As I mentioned earlier, I was scared that this movie might have as much gore as , say, the Saw movies or Hostel. So I was too afraid to watch it. But I felt a little more at ease after reading the newspaper today that says it won the Best Picture for Musical/Comedy category at the Golden Globes.

Damn the movie was good! Johnny Depp did what he does best. And I am in love with his and Helena Bonham Carter's craziness! I love the story and the songs too. My favorite was Mrs. Lovett's song to the young lad entitled, Not While I'm Around.


Aside from Johnny Depp, I'm also a huge fan of Ethan Hawke. I watched most of his recent movies and my favorite movie of all time is Before Sunset, where he also put on the screenwriter's hat to make the movie much more interesting, funny, dramatic, sad, and most importantly, very hopeful.

So one day I was going through his future projects on IMDB and I was surprised to see this:

Not surprised? Look more closely. You see it now? The movie is to be released in 2013! They began filming it in 2001. That's an awful long time to make one movie! I guess Richard Linklater really wants to make it as realistic as possible, doesn't he?

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