Cloverfield ROCKS!
Watch it!

11:02 AM

I abso-fucking-lutely love Cloverfield! I'm telling you, I'm still getting chills while writing this entry. Super galing ni JJ Abrams and whoever is the director of this film.

One Caveat though: Don't watch the movie when you're full. You're gonna get dizzy. I won't give spoilers as you HAVE TO watch this movie. Basically the shots are like the ones in Blair Witch Project. But this is SO much better I guarantee!

Funny thing lang: When I bought my ticket, I heard the ticket seller warning the man in front of me that the movie is a documentary. The man asked why and she said many customers have complained because they thought it was something similar to Peter Jackson's King Kong.

I felt kind of insulted when the lady gave me the same warning. Duh! I know what I'm watching. And those who complained better get themselves connected to the internet and Google movies before watching them.

In fairness, this type of movie might not be appealing to some people's taste nga naman. I noticed that about 5-7 people walked out in the middle of the film. Maybe they just didn't know what was going on.

Poor them!

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