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5:35 PM

Vashti, Jhing and Maleen invited me for a little treat last week. They're going gaga over these fried squid being sold on the streets. I am not a big fan of street food. The last time I ate street food was in UP. I trust their fishballs vendors more than the ones that are here in Makati or in Manila.

Why? Because I saw how they prepare everything in the morning before they sell their food on the streets.

Our [high] school used to be located beside the PNR railroad (I know, tell me about it!) When you look outside the window at around 7am you would see the fishball vendors preparing for another long day of selling their products. What's disturbing is that they just get the water from an unknown tube. They use the same basin to prepare the sauce and wash their clothes later. They also wash and use their pans as tabo. So I can just imagine how people get sick after eating fishballs.

So anyway, they were really convincing me to try them. 'It's just calamares!' Maleen said. I told her I might try it but not today. Kaso I saw them eat the it and it does look delicious. It costs only 2.50 per piece. I was so tempted but my stomach was convincing me not to try one.

But it became increasingly difficult to avoid the pusit when it's all over the metro! I went to Manila for my Spanish class and the streets smelled like calamares.

So I went ahead and tried it. I told myself that this is definitely better than this:

Believe it or now... this one's a huge piece of a bread!

And they sell different parts of the body!

This is one scary piece of carb.

Care to take a bite off my nose, dear?

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