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It's hard to admit but I guess it's true that some things do happen for a reason. Like for my spanish class, I was supposed to be under Profesor Esteller's clase. He's a good-looking and very nice profesor en clase dos pero I think he has such a short fuse [like me hehe]. When a student couldn't pick up the pace, he tends to make faces, making sure we know that he's irritated because we didn't get what he just said. Or maybe we were just overreacting to his rolling of eyes and tone of voice.

Anyway, one thing I love about his class is he taught us a lot in just two days. It's also what I hate about it because there were just too much information to digest in our brains. The class was cancelled like I blogged earlier. I was put in Profesor Bernacer's class. He's an old-fashioned instructor but i like him because he makes sure every student participates and speaks Spanish in every class.

I cannot believe level two ends next Thursday. I will be taking level 3 soon then the examination's next. I'm so excited. I was told that by the time you take level 8 or 10, you should be able to carry a conversation in Spanish, or at least watch a movie without reading the subtitles.



Yey! They started filming! This is the first pic officially released. So what's the plot? It follows the story from the series. Mr. Big a.k.a. John and Carrie move in together and they'll be hunting for apartments in NYC. The movie will be released in May 08.

I can't wait to find out what happens to Samantha Jones who had breast cancer in the series.



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