BoobooStrider on Blogspot goes LIVE!

8:09 PM

The first blog I ever had was with Blogspot. It was a friend of mine in college who first introduced me to the site. Her site was fantastic. She knew a lot about HTML codes and I was struggling with my Online Journalism class. We were asked to create a website about the one of the most talked about recent events. The site was hosted by Tripod. I don't know if it's still online after being idle for more than 4 years now.

Signing up was easy. Customizing the blog was excruciatingly difficult. I had to learn basic HTML codes. Thank heavens for, I was able to pass. It was on the same site where I found out about Bravejournal. I signed up for the blog service and have been with them for more than 4 years now. The first site was called TheBigYellowLane. I don't know how I came up with that silly name. I have this habit of coming up with some silly idea and relating it to life. Blame it on the entire household who goes on a soap opera marathon on a daily basis.

After it got sort of hacked, I signed up for two more Bravejournal sites. One is called LifeBeforeSunset. It was heavily inspired by my favorite movie of all time, 'Before Sunset'. The movie has changed my way of thinking about life and relationships that I decided to create the blog and share it with the world. Of course, it was primarily the theme but I decided to just make it an avenue for practicing what I really love--writing.

I have another Bravejournal site which is Top Secret. It's sort of a project. I'm writing about the stories of my friends, family and of course me and changing each and every one of them to fit in one sort of novel. I hope the story is still tight considering that I get the ideas from almost anybody.

Last April 2007, I started a new blog with LiveJournal. First, why the title? BoobooStriders is actually a combination. It was derived from to t-shirt designs my college friend wore during our freshmen days. The first one was called Booboo Boys. The group was consisted of two boys and four girls. Since it was dominated by the ladies, we added the second shirt's name which was a All Striders--or something like that. Together, we were the inseperable group called the BoobooStriders or the Booboos.



I really enjoyed blogging through my LJ. However, I find it extremely difficult to customise my blog. I am not an expert in CSS or HTML but I've recently started monetizing my other blogs. And I thought that I should do the same for the BoobooStrider blog since, I am surprised, a lot of people actually visit this (not just my bestfriend toyomansi hehe). I realized that the only way to do that is to migrate to the more customisable format that is Blogger.

I will still be updating my LJ. I won't be closing it down since I need it to comment on other LJs. However, I will be more focused on updating the new Booboostrider Blog which is:

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