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5:35 PM

Today I finally saw:


This was actually Shia LeBeouf's first blockbuster hit of the year. It was released before 'Transformers' in the US. Though it wasn't as scary as I thought [1408 is still giving me the chills..more of that later], it's still worth watching. I'm officially a Shia fan.

and I were chatting earlier about how similar her voice is with Jessica Zafra's. She was right. She does sound like her. I listened to her four podcast eps and I suddenly missed my bestfriend. We kinda regret not going into the podcast world and doing a radio show online. We could have talked about a lot of things like our detoxx ep in Clark, etc.

Anyway, I downloaded a few programs so I can convert files. I first signed up for a Podbean account. Then I did some recordings using my Samsung phone. Apparently, it's being saved as an AMR file. So I downloaded a converter which converted my recording into [only] an WAV file. So I had to download another program [thanks to the free WWW] to convert the wav file into an MP3.

Et Voila! The preview: Note--> You may hear Jessica Zafra talking.. sorry forgot to turn it off!

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