Me No Likey become a Bipolar

5:06 PM

Another crazee moment at the office this morning. I saw Sandara* -The Bipolar Bitch at the office. You see, she was let go last week not because of her mental state, but because she had the balls to yell at her [then] future boss in front of the entire batch of new employees. I wasn't there to witness her moment but I heard it wasn't the first time it happened.

My training cohorts said she's been acting really weird since day 1. She went on a sick leave one time and when she came back, HR demanded that she present a medical certificate. She went berserk saying they were making things hard for her since she can only get medical certificates from two people - her psychiatrist and someone at the National Mental Hospital.

One time, I caught her yelling while talking to someone on the phone. I didn't know she was bipolar then so I was going to berate her or at least ask her to shut the fuck up but the guard stopped me. 'Sir wag na po. Baka mapagtripan pa kayo.' Later I realized what she meant by that.

So I am blogging about her for two reasons. Firstly, I saw her today at the lobby of our building! And she was still wearing her company ID! Last week, she even slept in the office after the hearing for her termination I alerted the security officers saying she might be a danger to everyone if she forgets to pop that pill or see someone who might have been an accomplice to the Sandara Out project. You see, while she was still in training, I heard that the whole batch of new employees signed a petition for her to be axed due to misdemeanor. I wonder if she was still trying to make an appeal.

Lastly and most importantly, I've become some sort of a bipolar too lately. I have these occasional outbursts and sometimes I yell at my crew. The other day was the worst. I was having a great day when I heard Kervin toying with our new gal Ann. First of all, the flirting isn't appropriate since he has a girlfriend who happens to be under my supervision too [but is currently doing an earlier shift]. Secondly, you're not supposed to flirt while we're doing business here.

And oh, I forgot to mention that Ann lied and almost got me into deep trouble. You see her blah blah performance caused her to end up on the D-list and she was supposed to attend a weekly training in hopes of becoming a little better than how she's performing today.

The other day, upon arriving, she told me she wasn't able to attend because of some lame reason. Then the moderator approached her and asked why she didn't attend the session. The bitch lied saying I told her not to go. So it prompted Matt, the moderator to send out another nasty email asking me to explain what she just told him.

I hate emails. Especially nasty ones like this:
'Explain yourself!'
'What happened here?'
'Where's the disconnect?'

Sadly, there's no other explanation and there wasn't any disconnect. It was her brain that malfunctioned and the bitch lied. So when I saw her flirting with the asshole, my temperature went off the charts and I lashed out on them.

Oh, poor them. They saw the worst of me. I hate it when I yell at people. I hate yelling. I'm sarcastic but I hate yelling. It's like my mom whispering in my ear to yell at them. Not a pretty sight.

Anyway, I was impressed that after a little pep talk, about 85% of the crew were early today except for the might-be-cursed couple. Ana arrived earlier which led me to believe that either he dropped him off at the lobby while he looked for a parking slot or there really was no fucking that happened....YET.

Oh, when I was a kid I wanted to be Donald Trump. And now I am half his toe, I am still complaining.

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