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This rare find is somewhere between disturbing and alarming. I cannot decide whether I am for it or against it. toyomansi referred me to a Multiply account which posted photos of the 20+-page children's book which tackles homosexuality at a very young age. It tells us a story of a kid who gets abused and experienced sexual confusion. In an attempt to cure his disease (Note: This is what the book is trying to imply in my opinion), he consults a counselor who then explained that homosexuality CAN be cured by spending more time with his father.

Read and post a comment, will you?

What do you think? Disturbing or Alarming?

My thoughts: It's NOT a disease. It's genetic. I know people will argue with me. Sure society is a big factor but it just cannot be cured by an Advil overnight as what the book suggests. It is partly true that 'spending less time with dad' is really one ginormous factor. There really is no need for this book. It's just going to make it worse in my opinion.

This book reminds me of this:

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