9:18 PM

They say:

So what do you think I am now?

Foods I ate today:
5 crisscut slices of Yellow Cab pizza
one bowl of oatmeal
3 cans of Diet Coke
1 bowl of arrozcaldo
chicken barbecue
java rice
rocky road sundae from Jollibee
Pusit - the latest craze from the streets

I am seriously contemplating another purchase of my old friend Bangkok Pills. Too bad my mom will go through my stuff again and get them away from me. Oh mothers... always concerned. The ironic thing is she won't let me diet but she always tells me how ginormous I am and that my that wasn't this ginormous when he was my age. Of course, there are other ways. I still have my Gunnar Core Secrets video. Or I can do this:

Basta I don't want to end up like this:

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