Estoy Despitado

7:58 PM

"Otra vez, numero cinco..."
"A ver, numero cinco por favor!"
"Si - No me gusta las canciones de Shakira."
"Esta despitada senor?" -(Are you absent-minded?)

I wish I could say yes but instead I said I was okay. I have to admit the fact that I'm getting a bit old. When I was 19, I managed to go to work without dropping my subjects in school. I had only four hours of sleep. I lost a lot of weight. But now, I couldn't do that anymore.

I chose to attend Spanish four times a week for two reasons: 1) I get to learn and practice more and 2) I thought that the stress would make me lose weight. I was wrong. It's become unhealthy. I've developed some weird headache --> only the left side of my brain hurts and it starts around 10 AM and lasts for about an hour.

One proof that I need to rest: Last Friday, I took a bus on my way to Instituto. I woke up somewhere near La Salle. I shut my eyes again and voila! I woke up in freaking Quiapo! I got off the bus immediately and crossed the street through the underpass. I took an FX and got off Times Plaza along United Nations Avenue.

Upon entering the mall, a man got my attention. I was listening to some music on my phone so he tapped my back several times, I got pissed. When I turned, he handed me my wallet. F*ck... I keep forgetting things. Maybe I really need to get some rest and see my doctor.

I thanked the guy who gave me the wallet. I wanted to treat him for lunch or something but he was in a hurry.


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