He Terminado con curso 2

6:27 PM

I almost ditched my Spanish class yesterday only to find out it was the last for level 2. Yey! Level 3: Here I come!!

Our very small level 2 class con profesor Jose Luis Bernacer

I'm planning to take level 3 classes twice a week. I don't think I can still manage to lose sleep just to attend Spanish. I remember always arrive in class sleepy and groggy from a very long day at the office.

Speaking of work, I've expressed my intention of moving to the new department that will be opening soon. Since our current building is pretty cramped, we will be moving to another building, just a few steps away. I really haven't decided because a) I hate leaving my crew b) My boss will be leaving c) Some people I don't like to work with MIGHT be moving to the same department. ARGH!

We'll see what happens...

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