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I realized that I've surrendered my social life to the worldwide web. I've been blogging or blog-hopping a lot lately that I forgot how to have a good time and go out. The problem is, I can't think of anyone to go out with. My crew's busy with their own shiz. Ria's enjoying the weatha down unda. France is in some deep shit. I texted Belle and she had this crazy idea of us going to the zoo.

BoobooStrider: Which zoo?
Belle: Malabon Zoo!
BoobooStrider: Sunday, open ba sila?
Belle: Call them! Google na lang.

Fortunately, Smart Bro was cooperative for the past few days. [I figured they might have been convincing me to pay my bill ASAP that's why I haven't had problems with my connection lately.] I got their number and found out they're open until 5PM. Belle and I were texting at 1PM or thereabouts. So we agreed to resked na lang. We might not enjoy the entire zoo for just two-three hours.

So scrap the zoo plan. I logged on to to find out what's happening in the city. I never thought this site could come in handy when you're bored and all. I saw an ad for 'Avenue Q' and 'Cinderella'. I wanted to watch both plays but the times were against my schedule.

So I decided to watch movieS instead:

THE BRAVE ONE (Jodie Foster/Terrence Howard/Naveen Andrews)

I am not really a big fan of Jodie Foster. I started watching her movies when I saw her spectacular performance on 'The Accused' when it was shown on HBO. I had to rent a DVD just to watch it over and over again. Aside from the intriguing poster and the exciting trailer, I wanted to give her another chance to impress me. Why? Because I thought her last movie, 'Flightplan' sucked and the movie didn't give justice to her acting.

'The Brave One' has a common plot. Jodie is Erica Bain in this movie, a radioshow host. She becomes a victim of a brutal massacre that left her boyfriend, 'Lost' star Naveen Andrews dead. She struggled to come back to her normal life but she just couldn't. And just like an ordinary victim of any crime, she tries to feel safer by arming herself with a gun. She then becomes a sort of a hero that kills crooks that come her way. Her last kill were her attackers at the tunnel.

I had a hard time understanding what was happening in the first part. It seemed like the pace was slow--probably with the acting--but then a lot of things were happening in the first act. I imagined Jodie getting the gun somewhere in the middle. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere in the beginning that ended up in the cutting room.

Anyway, the ending was really great. Terence Howard gave a great performance too. Although it does leave one big question, does the end justify the means? Does killing a murderer bring justice to the victim?

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME (Lindsay Lohan/Brian Geragthy)

Okay, the only reason why I watched this is because I read somewhere that Lindsay Lohan was on rehab while shooting half of this film. So, celeb bloggers were thinking that we might see a before and after.

Sadly, I only saw the 'before' LL. She looked like a miserable drunken/fallen star in the movie. Frankly, I don't even know what she is doing in this film. It looked like a low budget, torture-porn reminiscent of 'Tamara' or 'Valentine'. There was no coherence in the story and they forcibly injected twists and turns in the plot which made it utterly ridiculous.

LL plays Aubrey Fleming, a student who quits piano lessons to pursue her love which is fiction writing. One night, she disappears at the college football game. Scenes of her being tortured by some lunatic who loves shiny, blue sharp objects. She is then found, with an arm and a leg amputated by her kidnapper. When she wakes up at the hospital, she claims she is not Aubrey and takes the identity of some nightclub dancer named Dakota.

The police try to get information out of Dakota or Aubrey but she wouldn't cooperate, saying that she might be a twin of Aubrey as she shows manifestations of having a stigmatic twin. She bleeds when Aubrey bleeds.

This is the most silly part: the killer turns out to be her jealous piano teacher who gets frustrated because she quit playing piano. But that's not all. Dakota was telling the truth. Aubrey Flemins really is another person and she was buried alive by the killer. Dakota finds her, manages to outsmart the pathetic piano teacher and saves the day.

First of all, this isn't the first time LL played twins in a movie. Remember 'Parent Trap' in the 90's? Secondly, there was just so much going on in the movie that you can't help but ask WTF they really wanted to get out of its audience.

I really hope LL finds a better script next time. She has yet to produce another blockbuster hit after 'Mean Girls'.


One important thing pala, I noticed that in both films, there were A LOT of cuts! MTRCB must be working really hard nowadays. Tsk Tsk.


I went DVD shopping today. I couldn't think of what to buy since there are a lot of good titles. I only buy DVDs of the movies that are not released locally. That's my strict policy. I bought Richard Linklater's 'Fastfood Nation' and another movie entitled 'Scorned'. The actors are some reality TV stars like Ethan Zohn and Jonathan Baker. Should be interesting.

Back to work tomorrow. Sigh!

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