The MALU aftermath
ain't over

4:45 PM

Okay, firstly, this is The Daily Show... on COMEDY CENTRAL. So before you start packing some heat, I suggest you watch the entire thing first then share a booboo!

In this video, the 'reporter' Samanta Bee praises Corazon Aquino for throwing off a dictator yet the visual shows three women in power bashed in a website which I believe to be Perez Hilton's. If you don't know who Perez is and what he does to Hollywood celebs, then click here. You just might find the humor in this.

Can't wait? Go to 3:26 and find our First Woman President get called a 'slut' on Perez Hilton's website.

I seriously believe that Pinoys shouldn't fret and make another round of online rampage. Again, I encourage you to find the humor in the video, check out Perez Hilton's site and try to understand: the video was meant to praise the three powerful women for being great leaders, which will supposedly support America's readiness for a woman president. But since it's a comedy show, the visual was meant to inject humor in this serious topic.

Listen to what the Examiner reporter said, it's pretty interesting.

PS: This video, although it's a bit 'controversial' and uber hilarious, raises an important question for all.

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