Mommy Bloggers are given a SocialSpark!

12:21 AM

I joined SocialSpark last month and I am happy with their website. I met a few other bloggers from different parts of the world. I also found some interesting blogs which are now part of my favorite sites list. I've bookmarked about 20 blogs as I wrote this. I know I will find more after adding more members to my friends' list.

I was surprised at the amount of mommy bloggers online. A few years ago, blogs are known to be used only by people with techie people are very knowledgeable about the internet. Now, more mothers are recognizing the power of the internet and most of them are doing it while earning through their blogs.

I've been in touch with some of the mommy bloggers and I enjoy reading their blogs, especially the Filipino mothers who are living in other parts of the world. Most of them talk about paying bills, picking up the dry cleaning, dealing with their kids and working to pay for tuition. I can somehow relate, since I will be paying for my little sister's tuition soon. And so we are all looking for other means to pay for bills and some other stuff we need in our lives.

For the mommy bloggers out there, I highly recommend that you sign up for SocialSpark. Blogging is something you can do together with raising your kids and working from home. SO why not earn from it too? SocialSpark will soon have more offers for mothers out there. Sign up for their mailing list to join as soon as this goes public.

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