Vintage David Archuleta!

2:39 AM

Well, it's not exactly TOO old. I was looking for new videos of David Archuleta's performances/guestings and came across this old video, probably shot by his father, which shows a much younger Archuleta playing the piano and singing one of my favorite songs, A Thousand Miles. Way to go Archi!

I have to say, I see myself in Archuleta. When I was younger, I was so much into music. I was a member of the music club. I was also a song leader in our Catholic masses when I was in grade school. I joined the UP Manila Chorale in college but my parents asked me to quit. Rehearsals would not end until the wee hours and my mom was ultra worried back then.

Here's Archuleta singing my favorite song, A thousand Miles. ENJOY!

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