Sex and the City Movie:
I wasn't carried away

1:27 AM

I watched Sex and the City last week and I was very disappointed. For one, it lacked the one thing that made us love the original series on HBO: a good sense of humor. Yes, I know. There were lots of laughs in this movie but there weren't a lot of funny scenes.

What's worse is that the MTRCB has made silly cuts in the movie to make it fit into the PG 13 category. The result: a sanitized, hodge-podge that is called Sex and the City. Raise your hand if you understood the joke about Samantha's pot belly? Of course you don't because that scene ended up in the cutting room, leaving us wondering what the heck they were talking about.

Carrie is still annoying. Big is still Big. I'm pretty happy with the actors' performances. Charlotte is still funny without even trying. Miranda is still this career-obsessed woman who wants to be in control. While Samantha Jones still hasn't changed a bit in the movie, she suffered the most cuts from MTRCB. She did, however, deliver a few winning lines.

I will watch the movie again. Who knows, maybe this post might need a rewrite. Fow now, I'm giving is 2 out of 5 stars.

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