The Incredible Hulk report

7:07 AM

I watched The Incredible Hulk yesterday. I've seen the first film where they had a different set of actors. I was very impressed with the first movie's special effects so I figured they would have a lot of improvements for this sequel. I was right. The Hulk definitely looks better, unlike the one on the first movie which doesn't adapt with natural light (and makes him obviously CGI).

The story starts with his self-exile in Brazil like what was shown on the first movie. He was being hunted by the US government in order to fully understand his capabilities as the Hulk and make it as a military weapon - a super soldier.

Earlier last week, there were reports that Edward Norton was not doing his part in promoting his film. According to this was largely because of the fact that he wasn't given proper writing credits for the film. It is said that Norton wrote the part where he finds the serum in the Amazon, exchanging emails with Tim Blake Nelson and a few other parts.

When it came to the final edit, some good 20 minutes of what Norton has written ended up in the cutting room while 50 minutes will be featured on its soon-to-be-released DVD. When presented to the Writers' Guild, full credits were given to Zak Penn, who argued that his original screenplay wasn't fully modified by Norton.

MY TAKE ON THE FILM: I do remember being entertained by the first Hulk movie. There were a few hits and misses on this one. The first few scenes were very dragging. I remember looking at the time as much as Bruce Banner checks his heart rate through his watch. It only started to be interesting when the original Hulk did a cameo as the security guard and when Stan Lee did his usual cameo. This was probably his longest one to date.

I thought the end part was done in a jiffy. First, the transformation of the Abomination looked a bit forced. It needed more character development which was not seen in this movie. The best parts are when Norton fell out of the helocopter, not knowing if he's morph into the Hulk or not; and the scene at the motel where he and Betty Ross were about to have sex but his heart rate changed so they stopped.

And oh, I got very excited when the Hulk did his signature move: the Thunder clap which I always use when playing Marvel Vs. Capcom.

I didn't quite like the ending. He didn't really kill the Abomination. So what happens to the monster? It just grew weak because of their fight. It didn't even morph back to Blonsky.

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