Diabetes: Keep That Sugar Low

12:51 AM

My family has a history of Diabetes. I know a few relatives who have had it or still suffer from it. That is why my mother has always reminded me to keep my blood sugar low as this can happen to me too. Technically, almost anything we eat converts into blood sugar. So too much of sugar can do some damage, regardless if your emaciated or 'well-fed'.

There are numerous fallacies in preventing the blood sugar from shooting up. For one, people believe that products such as the zero calorie, no sugar sodas can solve this. Most comsumers don't understand that the sugar in these drinks are replaced by artificial sweeteners which are twice as dangerous as the ordinary sugar.

Reader's Digest offers a bunch of information online about RD.com - Managing Diabetes. Readers may check their knowledge on this illness by submitting themselves to a Diabetes IQ test. Afterwhich, they may proceed to several articles online on understanding how the blood sugar is measures, what can be done to prevent diabetes, and some recipes which are friendly to those who are diabetic.

Other topics include:

-Understanding Glycemic Index
-Exercising with Diabetes
-Foods to Stabilize Blood Sugar
-Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

Reader's Digest team updates the information frequently so you can check back for more information on how to fight diabetes. We can all fight diabetes or prevent it from happening. It's just the right amount of knowledge that is needed in order to cope with it.

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