Still talking about Sex and the City Movie...

1:50 PM

Which Sex and the City character are you?

I'm always curious when magazines do this. Do they disclose the number of magazines sold per star? I want to know if Carrie is still selling nowadays. As I've said earlier, I wasn't 'carried away' by the movie. I haven't seen it again so I have yet to decide whether my first blog entry is indeed valid or not. The movie was not as funny and witty as I hoped it would be, though it remained faithful to the series' theme and fashion sense.

I guess that was the problem. As Jessica Zafra wrote on her blog, the producers were so busy with the fashion displayed on the movie that they forgot to check the script. Anyway, I heard they're doing another movie. I also know that Kim Catrall will be doing another series with HBO, which was part of the deal when she accepted SATC The Movie.

For those in the Philippines, I know you're very disappointed with how some of Samantha's scenes ended up in the cutting room. The censors' board was busy with this film that Samantha's jokes became riddles. Can't blame them though. They're just doing their jobs. We should just probably wait for the DVD to be released.

However, I found this (READ: NSFW) somewhere. The naked man on the movie a.k.a. Samantha's neighbor is unveiled. WARNING! NSFW! Click ONLY if you're 18+.

Ready? Watch here.

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