Fit and Fab: Theresa Licaros

8:59 PM

Last Year, I found out that our candidate for Miss Universe, Anna Theresa Licaros is a Summa Cum Laude and a member of the Portia Sorrority. Then they focused on her face and that's when I said I know this girl....

She had short hair when we were in college. She even worked as a Student Assistant at the College Secretary's office. I texted Giorjean and she reminded me that she was a Broadcast Communication graduate. We were classmates on our BroadComm 100 and Journ 100 classes. Such a nice girl but I never thought she would become a beauty queen. I always thought she was a tomboy. (Later I found out she has a boyfriend.)

Now, she has two shows (Unang Hirit on GMA and Fit&Fab on Q)! At least she's using what she learned from the College of Mass Communication. Way to go Tere!

PS: So glad you dropped the 'Anna'. People thought it was boring. I somewhat agree. Name is too long for showbiz.

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