Mariah Carey's performance

7:36 PM

I was reading several gossip blogs and I've read a lot of bad stuff against Mariah Carey today. I understand her performance on Good Morning America was a disaster. She had a big Ashlee Simpson moment when the pre-recorded back-up vocals started before it was supposed to. In my opinion, she was able to pull through.

Three minutes after, the stupid DJ or tech guy screwed up one more time and the played the back-up vocals once again. She then tried to improvise by singing 'Stop singing my part now baby!'

Whatever. She finished the song well and the crowd went wild. Right now, it hasn't been confirmed if her back-up singer also did a half-ass job. Methinks it's just the pre-recorded vocals that killed it so good luck to the whoever gets the axe.

Meanwhile, Mimi's other performances were great. I said great because of two reasons: her performance of Bye Bye was far better than the one she did on American Idol; and I'm That Chick performance was better than the very bad act on The Hills Premiere.

Mimi has a lot to celebrate though. She has the number 1 album in the US and number 3 in the UK. And in honor of her success, the Empire State Building's light will turn pink, white and lavander from April 25-27.

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