21 Questions

4:28 AM

I hate job interviews. I have yet to learn the art of preparing for one. But since I am still left without a home in our huge organization, I am obliged to spruce up for several interviews with the managers of the existing departments. Last Friday, I had my first in almost 10 months (i think). It was pleasant though I thought I sucked in answering the interviewer's 'intellectual' questions.

Today's interview was surprisingly pleasant as well. I learned that the interviewer was someone I worked with in Clark. We were not really close back then but she was very close with my former manager. I was surprised when she told me that he (a.k.a. former manager) had the highest regard for me. I was beginning to put a smile back on my face when the inevitable question was then asked.


What happened to you? What happened to your career? What happened to you life?
It's the number question I've been trying so hard to avoid since I got back from CamSur. My life has been some sort of an emotional trainwreck since I started being on a floating status.

And I think there's only one statement that can best answer it: Shit happens.

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