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8:22 PM

I had no energy for blogging for the past two weeks because of my crazy state in the workplace. Last week, I was interviewed for two new posts (one in Makati and another somewhere else). I am still employed but not working and I am so anxious to get my hands on something again. We were informed that the results would come out last week but as of this writing, I've checked my mail twice and almost bumped into the manager who interviewed us and still no word on our pending applications.

Life stinks at the moment.

On the other hand, I am happy about the recent development in Philippine television. You should have heard by now that Project Runway's Philippine version will be shown soon on ETC. Pinoy Idol started two weeks ago. Wheel of Fortune is still crazy (with the contestants wishing their opponents to go bankrupt! Silly bastards!)

Speaking of Pinoy Idol, I have to say that I was very impressed when I watched the first two episodes. Raymond doing an excellent job. Wyngard Tracy is an excellent Pinoy version of Simon Cowell. His ugly remarks are more hilarious than insulting. And surprisingly, Jolina does a great job in being a Paula Abdul. She cries and cries when she says NO to a contestant. I just wish she would say more than 'Para sakin No'.

I am impressed GMA 7. I remember when I was younger that I would always insult GMA shows because they were always looking cheap and out of budget. But now that they're probably earning with ratings surpassing that of ABS-CBN's, they've completely improved.

And the latest chix I got is that they've earned the franchise of Survivor. Rumor has it that the US version will be filming the next season on an island in Camarines Sur. I hope the terrorists would stay away from the contestants.

Who's hosting Survivor Philippines? A writer wishes that it would be Paolo Bediones. For me, I think they should hire someone unknown, like the way they hired Jeff Probst years ago for Survivor Borneo.

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