Tyra Has to explain....

1:10 PM

I started watching cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model this week and I have to say that this is probably the cycle with the best-looking finalists. I think it's too early to pick a possible winner (I have yet to watch the 6th episode) but I think the Somalian beauty Fatima should win, but she definitely has to get rid of her hairy armpits.

Cycle 10 is all about new beginnings. There's a new hot judge with a sharp tongue. Paulina Poriskova reminds me of Janice Dickinson, only she has more class. They moved back to New York, probably because Tyra's production company is now based there.

But what really grabbed my attention is the new sexy opening. I always thought ANTM's opening lacked artistic value, compared to its foreign counterparts. The contestants were basically posing for the camera. The new one can compete with Britain's Next Top Model or the new Australia's Next Top Model opening credits.

In the first episode, did anyone notice something in the opening credits? First, instead of featuring the past winners, only 3 of them were featured. What's even more surprising is the appearance of the photos of the first cycle's winner, Adrienne Curry.

If you still remember, both ANTM and Adrienne Curry disassociated themselves from each other with the latter accusing Tyra Banks of putting her in an agency which did not pay her. She also said ANTM allegedly did not give her the promised rewards and prizes.

Oh well, she looked fierce in her photos. Kudos for putting the photo of my fave contestants, Joanie and Heather.

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